Tellurium Q Black was their first cable and they knew they were on to something special when they took the prototypes to various dealers for their comments and input. One in particular would not believe that it could match the somewhat thicker more expensive cable in their demonstration system.

Tellurium Q sat down and listened to some of the dealers familiar music tracks, then they swapped the cable for Tellurium Q Black. The dealer sat forward, looked at TQ and quite seriously asked what else they had done to the system while they were changing the cables over. It was only when the dealer swapped the cables himself a couple of times he believed the evidence of his ears.

So why Black II? Despite Black winning multiple awards, surprising owners with it’s performance and more people than ever choosing to use it in their systems?

Tellurium Q have been learning and developing, especially in the last few years and have come up with a way to make this little gem even better. The only thing to do was to give it to their customers. Switch Black for Black II and it is completely obvious which is which. Once you hear the difference, it is also completely obvious why they felt compelled to upgrade Black in the way that they have.

HIFI World: Back in black

Tellurium Q has updated its award-winning Black cable – and made it even better, says Jon Myles

Tellurium Q may be a relatively young company but it has forged an impressive reputation for constructing high-quality audio cables during its eight years of operation. One main area of its focus has been engineering as clean and phase neutral a path for electronic signals passing through loudspeaker cables and interconnects as possible. If implemented correctly, this should give a more transparent, focussed sound with less smear and the reduction in perceived timing of musical pieces it brings.

While the original Black cable was good this new version takes all its qualities and builds on them with a sense that it is letting even more of the musical information through. Timing, especially, seemed better and more focussed with a total absence of smear or haze around instruments. With a slice of classic electronica such as Kraftwerk’s ‘The Model’ the flip-flopping bass line had a rock-solid beat to it but wasn’t overly dominant, allowing the intersecting synth lines above to shine through.

An update to an already outstanding loudspeaker cable, the new Black II cables improve on the originals to a remarkable degree. Highly recommended.



Looking to upgrade your speaker cables? Paul Rigby reviews Tellurium Q’s upgraded Black cables called…wait for it…the Black II

If you are enhancing and improving your hifi then, it goes without saying, the inherent quality of the music spewing from it, should be better than before. That’s a ‘given’.

The lowering of inherent and sonically damaging noise creates a generally improved suite of sonic frequencies that will serve any audiophile looking to upgrade from budget cables very well indeed. As you can see, even those of you who own the original Black cables should take a serious look at the new Black II cables. >>>>>>>>