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BILLIE RCA Interconnect Cable

99.99% Pure OFC Copper, RCA&XLR Termination.

Thirty-seven wires have variable gauge strands in a sound tube array for minimum interference.¡¡Each cable consist of seven 35-gauge and thirty 41-gauge wires of 99.99% Pure OFC Copper which are also protected by optimized shielding with both foil and pure copper braid.¡¡Featured special array structure, this handcrafted interconnect could catch any tiny sonic details and result very airy sound performance.

Description of layers from center to outside.
OFC Copper Silver Signal&return conductor.
Special PVC+PE dielectric fillers.
Alum solid foil shield.
individual pure copper braided shield.
PVC main cable insulation.
Abrasion protective braid
Custom lengths available, contact the local dealer for pricing.

Viablue NF-A7

Viablue NF-A7 Triple Shield Signalkabel

ViaBlue NF-A7 er en High-End signalkabel for ubalansert tilkobling av CD, forsterker og andre lydkomponenter. Denne fullskjermede kabelen har en brilliant og klar lydkarakter, hvor alle frekvensområder gjengis fullstendig klart og uforstyrret. NF-A7 gir et utrolig lydbilde med en dynamikk og renhet som overgår det meste, takket være bruken av de beste råvarer, en utprøvet konstruksjon og ikke minst ViaBlues eget tredoble skjermingssystem som eliminerer 100% av ytre forstyrrelser.

NF-A7 Triple Shield Stereo er i all hovedsak to NF-A7 Mono signalkabler samlet i én ViaBlue Cobra kabelstrømpe med to-veis kabelsplitter i hver ende. Dette gir et mer ryddig resultat ved tilkobling av flere signalkilder, spesielt ved multikanalsoppsett til hjemmekino og SACD/DVD-Audio.

Den mekaniske oppbygningen er av høyeste kvalitet, og begynner med en senterleder oppbygd av 19 tynne enkeltledere i ultrarent kobber. Innerlederen er omgitt av det samme spesielle “Foam Skin” polyethylen-baserte dielektriske materialet vi finner i resten av ViaBlues signalkabler. Utenpå dette følger det tredoble skjermingssystemet til ViaBlue:

  1. Spiraltvunnet kobberskjerm
  2. Folieskjerm i Alu/PETP aluminium
  3. Fullstendig isolert flettet skjerm i fortinnet kobber

Dette resulterer i en fantastisk “stille” kabel som gir en klarhet og dybde du må mangedoble prisen for å finne maken til. Opplev en fortreffelig akustikk og nøyaktighet, et åpent lydbilde hvor du kan skjelne de minste variasjoner i frekvensgangen, hvor du kan peke ut hvert instrument med en forbløffende naturlighet.

Våre NF-A7 signalkabler kommer ferdig terminert med ViaBlues patenterte XLS RCA-pluggermed teflonisolering og heldekkende 24 karat forgylling. Det innebygde skrusystemet i disse pluggene sikrer en ekstremt god kontakt samtidig som de er veldig enkle å montere og demontere.

Vi leverer NF-A7 Triple Shield Stereo i standard lenger på en halv, 1, 2 og 3 meter, men andre lengder kan skaffes på oppfordring. Vi leverer også NF-A7 i løpemeter. For tilkobling av subwoofere anbefaler vi vår egen NF-B subwooferkabel.

Godlyd på billigsalg

Du skal ha et sett signalkabler og ett sett med høyttalerkabler. Anlegget ditt har for lenge siden passert ”Are you nuts?”-nivå, og Visa-kortet ditt har allerede begynt å svette. Kanskje kan både du og kortet ditt puste litt lettere, for fra Tyskland kommer det kabler som presterer uten å koste all verden.
Av Roy Ervin Solstad.  Les hele saken

SIESTA-Lab Model-SC01

SIESTA-Lab Model-SC01 is designed from Japan, together with 24K gold plated connectors, it can provide high quality contacts between interfaces and amplifier.

It is not just fancy looking but can literally bring your sound system to a higher level, it is worth to spend this affordable cost to purchase this if you are looking a high quality Speaker cable for your audio equipments.


Six Pure Silver conductors in an interleaved helical array.Each conductor is individually insulated in an air-spaced, tape wrapped version of our exclusive Air Matrix dielectric. The result is a revelation offering “stunning dynamics”, and more involvement with your music.

The cable is covered with with an attractive woven fiber jacket and meticulously hand terminated with our finest connectors. Many worthy manufacturers would classify such a combination of materials and construction as a “COST-NO-OBJECT statement product”. We prefer to offer “The Revelation” beginning at only $450.00 per pair.

DH Labs Silver Sonic Revelation interconnects

Revelation-RCAas reviewed by Dave Clark

The DH Labs Silver Sonic Revelation interconnects feature a relatively simple design based around silver and Teflon. What makes them a bit different is that they use six silver conductors in an interleaved, helical array. The silver wire is very pure and highly polished, and each conductor is individually insulated in an air-spaced, tape-wrapped version of what DH Labs calls their Air Matrix dielectric. This means that while the cable does use Teflon as the dielectric, it is applied in such a way that it mimics the use of air. The cable is jacketed in an attractive blue woven fiber, a nice alternative to the black or white nylon poly materials used by way too many other manufacturers. What you end up with is a beautiful cable that is fairly flexible and does not mimic a large black snake.

The cables I had for review had high quality, locking RCA plugs reminiscent of those offered by Vampire. More recent Revelations feature custom-machined RCA plugs. DH claims that the majority of RCA plugs are made from brass alloys that are at best 60-80% copper, with the other 20-40% being a combination of zinc, lead, even tin. They feel that the issue here is the loss of conductivity, so their new plugs use a 99% copper alloy. Meaning that the conductivity number is more than twice that of conventional connectors—at least by the literature supplied from DH Labs. Not having heard the Revelations with the new connectors, I cannot say whether they are better, though one can only assume, that greater conductivity should be an improvement, especially with small signal levels.

Substituting the Revelations for my usual JPS Superconductor 2s between my CD player and preamp resulted in—are you ready for this?—a revelation. First, they did not sound he least bit stereotypically “silvery,” and second, they sounded WAY better than their price would suggest. The Revelations though did not transform my system or elevate it to another level, what they did do is offer me the ability to change the tonal presentation—not drastically, but enough to suggest an alternative “musical window” to the one I am used to hearing. Better cables will do just that—allow one to make subtle but important changes harmonically or tonally without messing things up. I listened to a wide variety of music, and the Revelations were consistently musical and enjoyable, regardless of the mood I was in. The descriptors that came to mind were: “detailed,” “warm,” “airy,” “palpable,” “dynamic,” “visceral,” “harmonically complex,” “subtle,” and “fast,” with great dynamic swing and pace. All of this came in a natural and musical way that did not sound etched, hard, glassy, or bright—all descriptors of silver cables at their worst. I should mention that the Revelations did not sound like DH’s previous upper-end cables, the Air Matrixes, which are great cables at a reasonable price, but they can sound “silvery.” Hearing them in my system a while back, I found them to be very detailed and open, but mentally comparing them now to the Revelations, the Air Matrixes will come across as a tad too bright and less refined. Keep in mind, though, that a cable may sound bright in one system and well balanced in another.

In comparing the Revelations ($350 a meter) to several cables that all cost considerably more (Pure Note Epsilons at $500 a meter, JPS Superconductor 2s at $700 a meter, and Audio-Magic Clairvoyants at $2200 a meter), in no case were the Revelations embarrassed, though the Clairvoyants were in a completely different league. Compared to the Pure Note and JPS cables, the differences were “a tad more of this and less of that,” with no serious shortcomings or differences. The Revelations simply sounded too damned good for the money. Although the JPSes went deeper, with more power and slam in the bass, and offered a bit more extension and clarity than the Revelations, the differences were truly a matter of “seasoning.” I think both are killer cables for the price, though the JPSes are so stiff that tradeoffs do come into play. The Pure Notes offered more presence, detail, and a sense of “silkiness” to voices that was very captivating, but again, this was more an issue of taste than one of either cable being “better” than the other. Again this is more reflective of subtle coloring or seasoning that the better cables can offer the audiophile. The Revelations also added a touch of warmth—like a very good SET minus the colorations and distortions—which the Pure Note and JPS lacked. And unlike an SET that has problems of extension at the two frequency extremes, the Revelations are very well extended and dynamically fast.

At $350 per meter pair, the Revelations provide a richly-colored, open and clear window on the music. If you have a well-balanced system, but are looking to upgrade your cables, I would put these on the list. You will give up a bit of detail and openness compared to other cables, as well as some heft in the lowest reaches, but at this price the Revelations are simply a steal. They offer a silent “blackground,” are flexible and beautiful to look at, and are a reference for just how good an inexpensive cable can be. Be patient, as the Revelations require a substantial break-in period. I found that two to three days on a Cable Cooker, along with a few hundred hours of playing music, was needed before things came together. Before that, images could be fairly non-specific and the bass a bit bloated and loose. Once time has served them, however, these cables are a real marvel. Highly recommended!

Dave Clark

Silver Sonic BL-1 Signalkabel

In the tradition of our highly acclaimed SILVER SONIC T-14 High Resolution Speaker Cable, SILVER SONIC BL-1 is made in USA and uses the finest materials available, including high purity silver, FEP and oxygen-free copper.

SILVER SONIC BL-1 is a balanced cable designed for use with both RCA and XLR connectors. It is 100% shielded, and can operate in close proximity to digital equipment without noise pick up. The conductors consist of slow drawn oxygen free copper, which are coated with pure silver, the silver coating thickness being chosen to provide optimum synergy with the OFC base metal. The conductors are insulated with a special FEP dielectric.

graph-BL1Silver Sonic BL-1 uses large 20 gauge conductors for low signal loss. Every spool is tested, and our FEP insulators are made to the highest standards in the industry. Cables are terminated with special silver bearing solders and the finest connectors available. Each connector is meticulously hand soldered by carefully trained craftspeople. Bulk lengths are also available for custom installations.