Oppo BDP-105EU er designet fra bunnen av med komponenter skreddersydd for å optimalisere den analoge lyd-ytelsen. Den kan by på blant annet to ESS Sabre32 referanse D/A-konvertere, asynkron-usb inngang og balansert og ubalansert dedikerte stereoutganger.

outBDP-105EU er en avansert blu-ray spiller med universal formatstøtte i tillegg til funksjoner som 4K oppskalering, 2D til 3D-konvertering, doble HDMI-innganger og MHL-kompabilitet. Den kan i tillegg tilby 3D-støtte og to stykk HDMI 1.4a utganger og oppgradert avansert nettverksavspilling via trådløst eller kablet nettverk. Produktet er designet rundt Oppos to-prosessor arkitektur. En hovedprosessor for audio/video-dekoding, og en spesiell videoprosessor for å videre øke videokvaliteten. Det nye dual-core systemet leverer rask oppstart og kort lastetid.

….If ever a product deserved to be considered the Swiss Army knife of digital media playback, the BDP-105EU is the one. Whether you choose it for multi- format disc playback, for network streaming capabilities, or to use as a DAC at the heart of a computer audio system, the BDP-105EU will consistently serve up levels of sonic refinement and sophistication the belie its modest price. Enthusiastically recommended. HIFI+

…this one machine replicates almost all the functions of a CD player, a preamp, a headphone amp, an AV processor, USB DAC and a network streamer..

… After a few months with the Oppo BDP-105, I’ve reached the conclusion that it’s the perfect digital anchor for just about any system. If you’re a music lover, this player will allow you to listen to anything your heart desires on any kind of media. If that weren’t enough, it’s also a 24-bit/192-kHz DAC that lets you play all the digital downloads in your music collection—I can’t think of a better DAC for the price. ..

Oppo’s multi-talented universal player offers a feast of audiophile technologies and a dozen digital inputs to leverage the benefi ts across your entire home system. Hi-Fi News




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I’d call it more of a disc player A/V processor.
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