• TAS1Stereophile Editor’s Choice 2015
  • Stereophile Product of the Year Finalist 2015
  • Stereophile Recommended Component 2015
  • TAS Product of the Year 2015

Sprout is the culmination of PS Audio’s 42 years’ experience building concert quality audio products. We hand selected the best parts of that rich history and put it into a single, simple, easy-to-use personal music system. It’s everything you need. Nothing you don’t. Just add speakers or headphones, and music—so close to live—will fill your whole home. It’s nothing short of magical. Sprout is the link between your music and your speakers. Sprout is the size of a big novel, yet it will fill your living room, bedroom or any room with enormous, live sound. Sprout is designed down to the very atom. Constructed of stainless steel, extruded aluminum, and walnut, this is not audio equipment. It’s audio furniture.

  • Full featured integrated amplifier
  • 50 watts per channel power amplifier
  • Drives any size loudspeaker
  • Analog preamplifier
  • 192/24 high end fully asynchronous DAC
  • Passive EQ moving magnet phono preamplifier
  • Low output impedance headphone amplifier
  • Coaxial digital input
  • USB input
  • Analog Input
  • Built in Bluetooth receiver uses Sprout’s internal asynchronous DAC
  • True analog stepped volume control
  • Analog input selector for all inputs
  • Headphone output 16Ω 500mW, 300Ω 425mW (drives all headphones)
  • Analog output: variable 3.5mm line, for subwoofer or otherwise
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A-weighted) >90dB
  • THD <0.025% at normal listening levels
  • Dimensions: 6″W x 8″L x 1.75″H


Stereophile Herb Reichert

With Sprout, I always enjoyed the way I felt when a song ended and the next one began. I took pleasure in how I would go from smiling satisfaction to eager anticipation. Sprout specialized in the beguiling reproduction of every kind of music I sent through its four inputs. Recommended to style-conscious, value-seeking human beings of all ages, genders, and heights. You go, little Sprout! Read More

Absolute Sound Julie Mullins

Call it love at first sight. Simply put, I adored this little integrated amp from PS Audio straight out of the box. From its wonderfully compact size—slightly larger than a chunky paperback bestseller—to the look and feel of its smooth wood-paneled top and its (dare I say it?) convenience, it’s a winner. Whether you’re into digital or analog, you’ll discover big sound in a neat little package. Read More

AudioStream Michael Lavorgna

For those people looking for a simple one-box solution combining an integrated amp and headphone amp with the ability to play their file-based music, streaming services, and LPs, the little Sprout shouts out loud and clear that it’s worth more than a casual listen. Read More

Part Time Audiophile John Richardson

When it’s all said and done, what can I say about the PS Audio Sprout? I mean, that hasn’t already been said. First off, I’ve really come to love this little thing. I knew I’d like it, but I didn’t expect to become so attached to it. And I’m not even a Millennial.

Speaking of Millennials, I’m thinking Sprout would be the perfect gift for each of my kids when they make the final move from the house and really head off on their own.

Distilling it all down, listening to Sprout just plain makes me happy. I think it will make you happy too. So there! Just buy one and don’t look back. Read More

Stereo Life Tomasz Karasiński

In one, chic box we get a great amplifier for small speakers which need the kick and the momentum, but we also get a neutral and audiophile headphone amplifier, DAC with wireless connectivity and a phono stage. It has everything music lovers need. For audiophiles it is an noteworthy, highly functional device, which can become the heart of a second hi-fi system. However, the price trumps all the other advantages of Sprout. Excellent value for money, and a really nice amp regardless of the cost. Read More

Positive Feedback – Steve Lefkowicz

As I see it, this is not a product for hardened veteran audiophiles to look at as a replacement for their separates, tubes and tweaks. It might best be looked at as the ever sought after entry level product, that really gets someone who doesn’t have much high end experience a chance at starting off on the right path. Read More

Digital Audio Review John H. Darko

The Sprout is vinyl friendly – a Project Debut Carbon played into its MM phono input. Bluetooth streaming makes it kid and spouse friendly. Reel to reels tapes occasionally ran the line-level input. And despite a humble 33 wpc output (into 8 Ohms) the Sprout made a solid fist of Golden Ear’s Aon 3 standmounts. Read More

PS Audio Sprout er en snerten forsterker, som også inneholder DAC, hodetelefonforsterker – og platespillerinngang.

PS Audio Sprout er virkelig kompakt.

PS Audio Sprout er virkelig kompakt.

Rimelig men komplett
Det dreier seg om en integrert forsterker på 2 x 50 watt, som også inkluderer både asynkron USB-DAC-inngang, koaksial digitalinngang (begge 24-bit/192kHz), trådløs bluetooth med aptX, og dessuten platespillerinngang i tillegg til en vanlig AUX analoginngang. Her er også innebygd hodetelefonforsterker. Med andre ord, her er alt man trenger, i et kompakt kabinett. Som skapt for skrivebordet! Og det til bare 5.000 kroner! Ikke dårlig for en produsent som står bak nettfiltere og digitale produkter i high-end-klassen. Som for eksempel det eksemplariske CD-drivverket og digitalkonverteren i PerfectWave-familien.

Innebygd hodetelefonforsterker skal drive alle hodetelefoner (500mW i 16 ohm og 425mW i 300Ω).

Målet var å få 36.000 dollar gjennom Kickstarter for å kunne gå i gang med produksjonen. Nå, med 22 dager igjen av kampanjen, er målet for lengst passert, med 243,482 dollar nådd i skrivende stund.

Med Sprout ønsker PS Audio å for alvor sette lydkvalitet på menyen for folk flest. Folk som er oppvokst med plastørepropper og som ”ikke aner hvor bra musikk kan låte hjemme.”

Klikk her for video hvor PS Audios Scott McOwen presenterer forsterkeren på High-End-showet i München i våres.

PS Audio planlegger å ha Sprout klar for utsendelse i 3. kvartal. For 449 dollar eller mer får du en rabattert Sprout via Kickstarter, pluss 75 dollar for forsendelse til utlandet.